A successful websites aligns the wants and needs of the client with those of their customer. In this first phase of building a website we seek out the objectives of the site and needs of the customer through surveys, usability studies, and usage/user scenerios to create a website that will leave bothe the client and customer pleased.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the science of determining what you want your site to do and then diagramming how you want to organize that information in a way that is easy and logical for customer usage.

Structural Design

In this phase, we lay out wireframes which are a visual blueprint that represents the skeletal framework of a website. These focus on the content and shows how interface elements and navigation will work together to accomplish the site objectives determined in the Discovery phase.

Visual Design

The visual designs take the wireframes a step further. We build our visual designs into our wireframe structure using Adobe Illustrator and in this phase we focus on look-and-feel of a site using typographic style, color schemes, and graphics so our clients know exactly what their site will look like to the pixel before we build it.


In this stage we actually code and build your site using valid XHTML, CSS, PHP, and/or JavaScript depending upon the needs or your site, and we test the site to ensure functionality across the desired supported browsers.

View examples of this process in our portfolio or check out these .pdfs of our Project Guidelines and Development packets: West Seattle Fence and Raynor Custom